Release Notes - CometD - Version 2.0.0 - HTML format


  • [COMETD-64] - In section 3.7 reference to Section 4.7 in the bayeux protocol spec, but there is no section 4.7 to explain connection types
  • [COMETD-77] - AcknowledgedMessagesClientExtension does not handle correctly message resend when client long polls again
  • [COMETD-79] - Long poll stops if the webapp is hot redeployed
  • [COMETD-91] - Possible memory leak in case of concurrent disconnect and subscribe
  • [COMETD-94] - Message cleared before dispatched to ThreadPool
  • [COMETD-103] - Transport callback-polling not working
  • [COMETD-110] - Cometd2: BayeuxService and LocalSession cannot publish/subscribe until after handshake completes
  • [COMETD-132] - Data filters do not affect the delivered value
  • [COMETD-138] - CometdServlet does not handle CORS preflight requests


  • [COMETD-47] - Documentation does not explain how to use org.cometd.Cometd without Dojo or jQuery
  • [COMETD-112] - if two threads create the same channel, then create events may occur after subscribe events


  • [COMETD-104] - cometd 2 - Transport error callback

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